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Let Red River Mutual Spruce Up Your Story

REMINDER: The deadline to submit your community space is May 31, 2020.
May 26, 2020

Let Red River Mutual Spruce Up Your Story

May 26, 2020

REMINDER: The deadline to submit your community space is May 31, 2020.

Red River Mutual is rolling out a new community sponsorship in 2020 called “Spruce Up Your Story”.

Rec centres, community halls, parks and other beloved public spaces have one thing in common: they bring people together. They are where stories are born, and the ground upon which community is built.

At Red River Mutual, we are deeply connected to the communities we protect. Through the policies we write and the claims we respond to, we’re part of the impactful stories that shape our communities.

It’s in this spirit that Red River Mutual is launching a brand-new community campaign: saving and protecting beloved spaces in our communities so everyone can continue to create memories for many years to come.

This sponsorship campaign isn’t about bringing a brand-new rec centre or library to life – rather, it will honour and protect the spaces that are well-worn and well-loved – the places where stories are already being made.

Protecting well-loved spaces

Whether it’s a roof fix on a youth centre, a fresh coat of paint on a park fence, or new seating in an ice rink, Red River Mutual will be on the hunt in Spring 2020 for a community space that needs an investment to keep its stories going.

We’ll help to restore select community spaces where people connect, laugh, learn, and share, awarding up to $40,000 in cash to deserving communities across Manitoba and Saskatchewan. With no limit to the number of communities that can win, we’re committed to ensuring the winning spaces continue to serve their communities for years to come.

These well-loved spaces will be evaluated based on their community impact and which ones are a viable renovation or beautification project.

On top of the monetary gift, the winners will also have access to additional volunteer hours from a crew of staff members from Red River Mutual (and their local brokerage) to help complete the project. You may already be thinking about a well-loved space in your own community – and we’re looking for your recommendations. Alert your community centre of the campaign, invite your relatives to nominate, and even canvass a neighbour to put forward a project.

Members of the public can enter their project by acknowledging their favourite community space, outlining a beautification project that would help sustain it for years to come, and sharing how that location is integral to their community. When submitting, people will be asked to name their local Red River Mutual broker, and entries that receive broker endorsements will earn extra points toward receiving a donation.

Learn more and submit your application for funding and volunteer hours by visiting our campaign page, right here on Red River Mutual’s website or by visiting



Engaging employees in the process

In addition to the volunteer hours we will be asking staff members to contribute to the community sustainability project, we’re putting the selection process in their capable hands with a voting process that allows them to decide which communities should win!

We’re thrilled to involve each and every Red River Mutual staff member in the opportunity to contribute to the campaign on the ground, and to reward a space that strikes a chord with our whole team.

“The stories in our communities are the ones that motivate great work within our walls. With our brokers and employees championing the community campaign, we’ll strengthen our position that we protect and care about the communities we serve,” says Brian Esau.

“We’re committed to treating our policyholders like family members. Just like our brokers, we’re honest with them, support them, keep them safe, offer a listening ear, admit when we’re wrong, and strive to be a positive force in their lives and in their communities. Our goal is to be the insurance provider that Canadians love talking with. To do this, Canadians have to feel like we’re on the same page with them – that we’re like a neighbour looking out for them.”

We can’t wait to hear and celebrate the stories in your communities that make all of us at Red River Mutual proud to protect them.

Submit your community space before May 31, 2020!

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