Protecting More than just the House

Our homes give us so much. They’re where we feel safe and can create our stories. Thank your home with the right coverage.

A Red River Mutual home policy means having the peace of mind knowing that we have your back — while you’re busy looking out for others. Talk to your insurance broker to find the right coverage for you.

Broad vs. Comprehensive Home Insurance

Understanding what type of home insurance you need can be tricky. Knowing the difference between Broad and Comprehensive package policies will help you decide on the right amount of protection for you, your home and your belongings.

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Broad Package Policy

This package policy provides broad protection for your house, as well as coverage for loss or damage to your belongings due to a list of named causes (known as ‘perils’). It serves as a starting off point for people who want good coverage, for a reasonable price.

Comprehensive Package Policy

If you’re concerned that the list of named perils in the Broad Package Policy isn’t enough, our Comprehensive Package Policy offers additional protection for you and your belongings.

EXTRA Homeowners Package

Check with your insurance broker to see if your home qualifies for Extra, Red River Mutual’s enhanced home insurance policy for high-value homeowners. Along with the existing home policy coverages Extra includes:

  • Extra personal liability coverage
  • Extra coverage for equipment breakdown and sewer backup
  • Extra protection for your son/daughter attending university
  • Extra coverage for your jewelry, gold and silver
  • Extra coverage for your underground service line

Home Equipment Breakdown Coverage

A more affordable alternative to costly product and home warranty plans. Whether you are a renter or a high-value homeowner, expensive equipment can break down. Includes coverage for items such as:

  • Washers and dryers
  • Dishwashers
  • Water heaters
  • Sump pumps
  • Home security systems
  • High efficiency Central heating and A/C systems
  • ... and more

No matter which home insurance policy you choose, you can add additional coverage for events like sewer back-up, as well as coverage for higher value items like jewelry, bicycles and art collections. Ensure that all your insurance needs are met by talking to your insurance broker.

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Underground Service Line Coverage

Homeowners often don’t realize that they own the outdoor service lines that extend from the street to their house, and behind their house to a well, septic tank, or out-building. A service line failure can result in:

  • Leaks
  • Breaks
  • Tears
  • Rupture or collapse of a pipe
  • Arcing wiring

Water Protection Coverage

Floods are the costliest natural disasters in Canada when it comes to property damage. Water protection coverage provides flexible options for homeowners who want the peace of mind knowing that you are covered in case of:

  • Overland water
  • Ground water
  • Sewer-back-up
  • ... and the resulting damage to your home and possessions

Coverage for your Other Properties

Ensure your other properties are properly protected under your home policy.

  • Your cottage or trailer: Add coverage for a cottage or trailer to your home insurance policy.
  • Your investment property: Add coverage for up to four rental properties to your home insurance policy.


Your home presents a number of different potential hazards, including fires, falls and natural disasters. Being aware of these safety concerns in and around your home can help you better understand how to keep yourself and your family safe in the event of an accident or emergency.

Visit the Loss Prevention Home Safety Resources section of our website to learn how to keep your home safe from preventable losses.