Farm Package Coverages

Farm Dwelling and Personal Property Coverages

Our farm insurance provides coverage for your dwelling and personal property on our:

  • Broad
  • Comprehensive Homeowners

See our Residential Package Coverages for more details on our package policies and optional coverages available.

Farm Outbuilding Coverage

This coverage includes:

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Explosion
  • Smoke
  • Impact by aircraft or land vehicle
  • Riot
  • Vandalism or malicious acts
  • Windstorm and hail
  • Falling object


  • All-risk coverage on your farm outbuilding

Replacement cost coverage is included with all-risk coverage.

Livestock/Poultry Floater

We offer both standard and broad form livestock coverage.

Standard coverage includes:

I. Death or destruction directly resulting from or made necessary by:

  • Fire, lightning or explosion
  • Windstorm, cyclone, tornado and/or hurricane
  • Hail
  • Earthquake
  • Artificial electricity
  • Flood
  • Collision or derailment or overturn of a vehicle on which the livestock is being transported
  • Impact by vehicles other than those belonging to the insured
  • Collapse of any building, bridge, culvert, any falling structure or tree or part thereof
  • Impact by aircraft and objects falling there from
  • Riot
  • Accidental shooting except by the insured
  • Stranding, sinking, burning or collision of vessels
  • Drowning, breaking or falling through ice or stranding in mud
  • Attack by wild animals or dogs
  • Mutilation by a person or persons other than the insured
  • Entrapment
  • Vandalism or malicious mischief

II. Theft or burglary

Optional broad form livestock coverage includes*:

I. Death or destruction directly resulting from:

  • Blizzard, rain, sleet and snow
  • Electrical power interruption
  • Huddling, piling, smothering or freezing
  • Suffocation as a direct result of poisonous pit gases
  • Physical injury (excluding horses)
  • Hardware ingestion

*in addition to Standard farm coverage

Farm Machinery Coverage

We provide all-risk coverage for farm machinery on either a scheduled or blanket basis. Included in this coverage is an optional 25% extension to newly acquired machinery & equipment.

Farm machinery may be covered on an actual cash value or replacement cost/limited depreciation basis.

Our replacement cost/limited depreciation coverage provides replacement cost coverage on farm machinery items provided that:

  1. You are the original purchaser/lessee of the property
  2. The loss or damage occurred within 36 months of the date of delivery

On property that does not qualify for replacement cost coverage, we will pay for the cost of repair without deduction for depreciation up to the actual cash value of the property.

Tools, equipment, and repair supplies can be insured separately on a replacement cost basis.

Farm Comprehensive Liability

Our Farm Comprehensive Liability automatically includes $1,000,000 coverage for:

  • Personal liability
  • Premises liability
  • Agricultural operations liability
  • Tenants legal liability
  • Contractual liability
  • Employers liability (up to $10,000 annual payroll)
  • Water craft liability
  • Motorized vehicle liability
  • Trailer liability
  • Business and business property liability

Optional liability coverage that may be added for an additional premium include:

  • Increase liability coverage to a maximum of $5,000,000
  • Employers liability extension (more than $10,000 annual payroll)
  • Cross liability endorsement
  • Fire legal liability
  • Voluntary compensation for employees endorsement
  • Non-owned livestock liability endorsement

Additional Coverage

We offer additional farm coverage that may be added to your farm policy to ensure that all your farm insurance needs are being met. These include:

  • Loss of use – farm machinery extension
  • Threshed grain floater
  • Heat prostration endorsement (an extension to the Farm Poultry Floater)
  • Fertilizer and chemical floater
  • Coverage for hives, supers, bees and equipment
  • Motorized vehicle floater
  • Produce floater
  • Consequential loss (extension to Produce Floater)
  • Hay, straw, silage and feed
  • Farm earnings Insurance
  • Specialized farm enhancement
  • Milk floater
  • Semen and semen tanks coverage
  • Additional Farm Expense Endorsement

We offer a range of comprehensive coverage at competitive prices for specialized hog, dairy, poultry and PMU Farms, including:

  • All-risk coverage on buildings and equipment
  • Broad livestock coverage
    o Includes loss resulting from electrical power interruption, mechanical breakdown or suffocation
  • Farm earnings coverage
    o Profits form available with up to 24-month period of restoration
  • Additional farm expense endorsement
  • Specialized farm enhancements
  • Comprehensive farm liability

Our services include comprehensive loss prevention inspections to our specialized farm policyholders at no charge.