Protecting More than Just the Farm

Insuring with Red River Mutual delivers more than loss coverage for your farm. Our farm policies provide coverage for your home and personal property too. Talk to your insurance broker to find the right coverage for you.


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Policy Features available in all our farm policies:

  • Named Perils or All Risk coverage on farm outbuildings and content
  • Death or destruction of livestock and poultry
  • Threshed grain and produce coverage
  • Farm machinery coverage
  • $1 – 5 million farm comprehensive liability

Coverages Based on Your Farm Operation

The Prairie Farms Grain Package is designed specifically for the large grain farm operator and includes: blanket coverage on all buildings (including bins), blanket machinery coverage with 60-month replacement cost / limited depreciation, farm equipment breakdown coverage, comprehensive farm liability with an employer’s liability extension included for operations with less than $100,000 payroll. Talk to your insurance broker to see if this package is right for you.

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The Standard Farm Package is designed as a comprehensive insurance policy for small to mid-sized farms and covers your basic needs of machinery, farm outbuilding, livestock, and farm liability coverage. This package also includes much needed insurance protection on your home. Talk to your insurance broker to see if this package is right for you.

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We offer a wide range of comprehensive coverages for dairy, poultry, hog, and other types of specialized livestock farms. Coverage can include broad livestock coverage, all-risk coverage on buildings and equipment, farm earnings coverage, and comprehensive farm liability. Talk to your insurance broker to see if this package is right for you.

Every farm is unique. Ensure that all your insurance needs are met by adding specific coverages to your farm insurance policy and talking to your insurance broker.

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Consider These Additional Coverages

Farm Equipment Breakdown Coverage protects farms against unexpected repair or replacement costs due to electrical, mechanical, or pressure systems breakdown. If the worst happens, know that you’re covered.

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