Customer Satisfaction

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Red River Mutual is committed to providing fair treatment to our customers and providing an experience that reflects great consideration and respect for our policyholders. If you feel as though we have not delivered on our commitment to providing our customers with the level of service and products that we strive for, the following steps will ensure you receive a timely, fair, and professional response to any concern or complaint you wish to bring forward.

The following steps are in sequential order for a customer to escalate a complaint.

Start with the Basics

Have the following information ready to help us assist you faster.

    • Your policy or claim number
    • The details of the current situation
    • The outcome that you are seeking in this situation


STEP 2: Contact your Insurance Broker or Red River Mutual Department Representative (Adjuster, Underwriting or Billing Team)

Start by contacting your broker, as your agent or broker may be able to resolve or assist in the matter for you. Your broker can also provide contact information for the appropriate individuals at Red River Mutual who may be able to assist you

If you know the name of department representative who is responsible for your policy or claim, please contact that person directly. If you are unsure of who to contact, you may contact Red River Mutual directly. You can find out contact information here: Contact Us

If the matter remains unresolved after discussing with your Broker and Red River Mutual representative, you may request that your complaint be escalated.


STEP 3: Elevate to the Department Specialist or Supervisor

A Specialist, Supervisor, or other senior person, directed by management, will review your complaint, and discuss it with you further. If your concerns are not resolved through this, you can ask for your concern to be elevated to the appropriate Manager.


STEP 4: Elevate to Management

A Manager will review your complaint and discuss it with you further.


STEP 5: Complaint Officer / Ombudsperson


Red River Mutual

Attn: Complaint Officer / Ombudsperson

245 Centre Avenue East

Box 940 Altona MB R0G0B0 1-204-324-6434

Toll Free: 1-800-370-2888

Extension: 2448


You must provide the following details in your written submission:

    • Your Name
    • Your Policy/Claim number
    • Preferred method of contact Information
      • A telephone number where you can be reached during business hours
      • A mailing address
      • An email address
    • Full details of your complaint
    • The steps already taken to attempt to resolve the matter
    • The outcome that you are seeking in this situation

Please note: If the complaint is being advanced by someone other than the named insured/consumer in the complaint, a signed letter of authorization must be submitted to allow any communication in the matter.

The complaint officer will act as a trusted intermediary between you and all departments with Red River Mutual to try to resolve your complaint. We will attempt to find a solution or offer a resolution if one is available. Alternatively, we will provide education and clarification if needed on the final position of the Company.

If your concern continues to remain unresolved the next step is to seek assistance from an external agency.


STEP 6: Contact an External Agency

Financial Institutions Regulation Branch Manitoba Business Only
Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority of Saskatchewan Saskatchewan Business Only
Financial Services Commission of Ontario Ontario Business Only
Alberta Superintendent of Financial Institutions (ASFI) Alberta Business Only
Alberta Insurance Council 
Alberta Business Only

General Insurance OmbudService (GIO) Alberta and British Columbia Business
Insurance Bureau of Canada