Customer Satisfaction

Red River Mutual is committed to providing our customers with superior service and products. The following steps will ensure you receive a timely, fair and professional response to any concerns.

For matters involving privacy, please visit our Privacy Policy page.

Step 1: 
Contact your Independent Broker or Claims Specialist

Most concerns can be resolved by contacting your Insurance Broker. Your broker can provide information and assist in addressing your concern. If your concern involves a claim, please contact your Claims Specialist directly.

Step 2: 
Contact a Supervisor or Manager

If a resolution has not reached with the assistance of your Broker or Claims Specialist, ask to be directed to the appropriate Supervisor or Department Manager.

Step 3: 
Contact Red River Mutual’s Complaint Officer/Ombudsperson

If a resolution has still not been reached, please contact Red River Mutual’s Complaint Officer/Ombudsperson. This is the Red River Mutual representative responsible for assisting with complaints.

Alvin Ginter
Director of Risk, Red River Mutual
245 Centre Ave East
Altona, Manitoba
R0G 0B0

Please email
Toll Free 1-800-370-2888

Step 4: 
External Agencies

If your concern has not been resolved, the next step is to seek assistance from an external agency:

Alberta Superintendent of Financial Institutions (ASFI) Alberta Business Only
Alberta Insurance Council Alberta Business Only

General Insurance OmbudService (GIO) Alberta and British Columbia Business
Insurance Bureau of Canada