Winnipegosis Minor Baseball Diamonds

Winnipegosis Minor Baseball Diamonds

Winnipegosis, Manitoba

Winnipegosis is a small, re-awakening community that is home to many low-income families. The town is surrounded by several small rural and First Nations communities who come to Winnipegosis for sports. Last year, Winnipegosis brought back baseball in a community effort, and the town was astonished to see 40 kids register to play minor baseball.

Because many players already rely on subsidies to play, Winnipegosis cannot charge players more money to fundraise for upgrades to its baseball diamonds. While generous community members have offered to help fix a few things, the diamonds currently do not meet safety and Baseball Manitoba standards.

The last game Winnipegosis hosted, the visiting players announced their astonishment at the town’s current diamond that the community was so proud of having improved, and said: “Wow, THIS is their diamond? They must be POOR!”

Meanwhile, the Winnipegosis athletes are so proud of how far they have come and how well they’ve developed their baseball skills. The teams need generous organizations that see the value in investing in the health and mental wellness of their youth.

Winnipegosis will use funding to replace the dugouts and backstops and redo the infield on both diamonds.