Treherne Arena

Treherne Arena

Treherne, Manitoba

The Treherne Arena serves as a central community hub within the rural municipality, offering ice space for local minor hockey programs, adult hockey leagues, school groups, and community-based recreational activities such as youth rec hockey, public skating, and sticks and pucks.

Treherne Arena also plays a vital role during the off-season, hosting various community events, including the Town-Wide Garage Sale, Farm Safety Workshops, indoor ball practices, and social gatherings. Beyond its recreational function, the arena serves as a potential relief station for residents during extreme weather events. The proposed improvements will enhance the centre’s resilience throughout its remaining lifespan, ensuring it remains accessible for all use scenarios.

Treherne Minor Athletic has been aware of the aging condition of the rink’s surrounding boards for the past five years. However, the priority has been addressing the aging and failing ice plant, which required replacement first. The nearly 40-year-old boards have started to bow, crack, and crumble both inside and outside the ice surface.

The rink board upgrade project involves several phases:

    • Replace the most aging sections of the wall, with work progressing northward until the entire arena surround is upgraded.
    • Relocate sign advertisements to the north wall, showcasing sponsoring businesses to all users and viewers.

This project aims to enhance Treherne Arena’s energy efficiency and sustainability. By avoiding the need to re-flood the ice when wood splinters from the old boards fall onto it, water and energy consumption will be reduced. The new boards will contribute to a safer, more modern, and longer-lasting facility.