Radisson ’71 Seniors Club

Radisson ’71 Seniors Club

Radisson, SK


The Community Hall started as the town’s first electric light and power plant, as a result of the community coming together. Construction started in 1919 and was completed in 1924, seeing the building also be used as a police courtroom for the community. In 1930, a fire broke out in the power plant, which badly damaged the building, but it was rebuilt with insurance money and lumber supplied by the town to repair the floor, which was laid by the community Athletic Club. Afterwards, the Club used the building for many dances and town meetings, so the building then became known as the Athletic Hall. Decades later in 1971, it became the Pentecostal Church and during this time, the first meeting for the organization of a senior club was held, creating ’71 Seniors Club.

By 1975 the seniors were sharing the space with the local Youth Group, and they had received some grants to modernize the building. They installed plumbing, gas, power, paneling, new floor, insulation, eavestroughs, a new roof, and stuccoed the building. In 1981, the club was officially renamed the “Radisson ’71 Seniors Club. To this date the “Radisson’71 Senior Club” is still active in the community. The Town of Radisson is still the owner of the building, but the Seniors Club are the custodians of the building.

This hall is still available to the community as well as the local rural municipality on a rental basis. It has been used for weddings, anniversaries, funerals, meetings, birthdays and family gatherings, and garage sales, to mention a few. The hall has become the only gathering center for our town, as the community no longer has access to a town hall due to its closure. Therefore, they are very desperate to maintain the integrity of the building, especially due to its age, to keep people in the small town. They want to fix up the building exterior and develop a more inviting outdoor gathering space for the whole community to enjoy.

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