Mary Montgomery School Greenspace

Mary Montgomery School Greenspace

Virden, MB

The space is primarily a classroom garden and relaxation area, which is part of the school playground and also used by a daycare and members of the community.

Right now, the greenspace itself is inadequately set up for parents or caregivers to sit and watch the children. The pergola provides a nice bit of shade during these times, but the walkway in and around it is not easily accessible to strollers, which creates problems when families of young children visit the playground or when older community members (or others with mobility needs) come with their families.

The goal is for this greenspace to be even more environmentally conscious by providing a much-needed habitat for endangered monarch butterflies as well as other native pollinator insects with specific plant life. The classroom garden area will help students learn how to use small plots of land to grow their own fruits and vegetables. By participating in the planting, care, and harvesting of fruits and vegetables they will learn valuable lessons that will help them throughout their lives and instill a sense of confidence in their gardening abilities.


Stage one of these upgrades will include installing underground sprinklers, preparing the garden spaces, and paving the walkway.\


“Through these upgrades, our students will be able to study and observe life cycle of the plants and wildlife and understand how small changes can make big impacts.”