Core Community Park

Core Community Park

Regina, Saskatchewan

Core Community Park is in the diverse inner-city community of the Heritage Neighbourhood in Regina, Saskatchewan. This project is set to build a full official 3×3 basketball court in the park, which will include one full court and two side nets. The chosen location is in a large residential area with easy access to the court via residential proximity and public transport.

The existing small courts have not been renovated in 20 years and include broken rims, backboards, and cracked asphalt. Still, this well-loved space is often used by the community.

The Core Park Project will be community-led, and actively engage youth, local leaders, and various Indigenous partner — such as the Newo Yotina Friendship Centre — to create one of the most vibrant basketball courts and community gathering spaces in the country.

Core Community Park’s partnering company, “Buckets and Borders,” is committed to Truth and Reconciliation and working with Indigenous communities. The initiative adheres to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Call to Action No.90, which calls for sports policies, programs, and initiatives that are inclusive of Indigenous peoples. Phases of this project focuses on community engagement.

Youth specifically will be given the opportunity to volunteer through court design, help with the grand opening celebration, court surface painting, and more. Youth can also help produce a mini documentary about the space and support content creation about the site.

Not only will this project create a local basketball hub, but a place of pride, joy, and safety for generations to come.