Carrot River Community Hall

Carrot River Community Hall

Carrot River, SK

The Carrot River Community Hall is, like in most rural Saskatchewan communities, the community hub where all life events and community engagement happens! It’s the standard location for all community events, including fundraisers, concerts, award ceremonies, banquets, community garage sales, tradeshows, indoor walking, and more. It’s a space used by all ages, families, and community groups. It’s also a mainstay in the community: a place full of memories for current generations, and a place where future generations will come to make their own memories.

With 946 residents in the town of Carrot River, and an additional 942 residents in the surrounding municipality of Moose Range, this community hall sees thousands of individuals on an annual basis. In 2020, the area was hit with a disastrous storm that damaged many properties in the region, including the hall’s roof.

As there were other repair projects in the community that took priority, the Carrot River Community Hall repair project was initially set aside, and municipal staff patched what they could to keep the facility operating. The time came where patching was no longer an option, and the community had to repair the unexpected damage to maintain the building and move forward as a community together.

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