Arborg-Bifrost Recreation Centre

Arborg-Bifrost Recreation Centre

Arborg, Manitoba

The Arborg-Bifrost Recreation Centre serves as the year-round hub of activity for the community, hosting several sports teams, summer camps, fitness classes, and rental spaces. It also provides a welcoming space for newcomers to Canada, introducing them to skating, hockey, baseball, and floor curling.

However, the arena canteen requires some improvements. Both the deep fryer and grill are over 25 years old and occasionally malfunction. Additionally, the stove and oven, donated a decade ago by a resident upgrading their appliances, could use an upgrade.

The canteen is a major revenue source for the centre, and that revenue helps cover bills and keeps registration fees affordable. Throughout the year, dedicated volunteers operate the canteen, fostering the ultimate community connection. They take pride in ensuring everyone’s needs are met.

The Arborg-Bifrost Recreation Centre would like to:

    • Purchase and install a new grill, deep fryer, and stove/oven.
    • Upgrade to LED lighting.
    • Paint the canteen and its storage area.