Roxy Theatre

Roxy Theatre

Neepawa, MB

“Not only is it a movie theatre, it is also an indispensable cultural venue.”

Project Overview: Repair Water Damage
Location: Neepawa, MB 
Year: 2020
Amount: $14,150

From opera to vaudeville and movies to socials, The Roxy has been bringing Neepawa and its surrounding communities together for over a century. The curtain rose on the Roxy Theatre in 1906, when it opened as the Neepawa Opera House, and it’s been centre stage in Neepawa ever since. As the only venue in town with a full stage, the theatre serves as an indispensable cultural hub, used for live theatre performances put on by local schools and professional touring troupes alike.

Each year, the theatre serves 7,000 movie-goers, some of whom are willing to travel 150 miles to visit the space. Guests are greeted by the smell of popcorn and the smiles of community volunteers. The Roxy Theatre is community-owned and is operated by a team of volunteers from all walks of life who dedicate over 1,500 hours each year to ensure that their limelight keeps shining bright.

Red River Mutual understands that the show must go on at the Roxy Theatre, and is providing them with $14,150 to spruce up their story by repairing water damage to the marquee, rebuilding the roof, and repainting the façade.