Moosehorn Wayside Park Pavilion

Moosehorn Wayside Park Pavilion

Moosehorn, MB

“The potential for this space is unlimited.”

Project Overview: Pavilion Rejuvenation
Location: Moosehorn, MB
Year: 2020
Amount: $8,400

The Moosehorn Wayside Park is the community’s outdoor meeting place. It’s home to events ranging from intimate family reunions and birthdays, to public holiday gatherings, and the summertime Country Market. At the centre of the park is its pavilion. The pavilion has stood for years, providing respite from the sun, shelter from winter winds and a place to rest weary bones. Now it’s time for the community to give back to its park protector.

The community plans to turn up the heat with a new community barbecue, update its look with paint and flower baskets, and increase its overall magnetism by adding more picnic tables and benches, all of which will continue to make the park an unstoppable force of good within the community.

Red River Mutual is excited to team up with the Moosehorn Wayside Park Pavilion and spruce up their story by providing $8,400 that will be used to sustain the pavilion area in the park for years to come.