Apartment and Condominium Complex Insurance

Apartment and Condominium Complex insurance is designed specifically for properties larger than a 4-plex. Discounts are available for condominium complexes and 55+ facilities.

Download Apartment and Condominium Complex Insurance Fact Sheet

Applicable Extensions

Every Red River Mutual commercial package includes an additional bundle of more than 50 extensions
that provide over $1,000,000 in extra coverage to meet your unique business needs.

Below are some of the key extensions we’ve added to our business policies:

  • 3D Crime Coverage
  • Employee Dishonesty
  • Loss Inside the Premises
  • Loss Outside the Premises
  • Money Orders and Counterfeit Paper Currency
  • Depositors Forgery
  • Computer Theft and Funds Transfer
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Blanket Bylaws
  • Building Damage by Theft
  • Conviction Reward
  • Coverage for Roadways, Walkways, And Parking Lot Paved Surfaces, or Other Exterior Paved Surfaces
  • Debris Removal
  • Disappearing Deductible for Fire Losses
  • Extra Expense
  • Fire Department Expenses
  • Fire Suppression System Recharge
  • ‘Green’ Environment Extension
  • Growing Plants Trees Shrubs or Flowers in the Open
  • Inflation Protection
  • Master Key / Lock Repair or Replacement
  • Mortgage Rate Guarantee
  • Newly Acquired Locations
  • Newly Acquired Property
  • Off-Premises Utilities Interruption
  • Personal Property of Officers, Employees, Volunteers & Visitors
  • Professional Fees
  • Property in Transit
  • Removal of Windstorm Debris
  • ‘Safety Net’ Clause
  • Same Site Rebuilding Clause
  • Deleted Sign Coverage
  • Tool Floater with 5yr Replacement Cost
  • Valuable Papers