Our Board & Senior Leadership

Board of Directors

Chad Friesen
Elected in 2018
Board Chair, Investment & Personnel Committee

Catherine Kloepfer
Elected in 2013
Audit / Risk Committee

Monique Vielfaure-Mackenzie
Elected in 2013
Audit / Risk, Governance & Nomination Committee

Dr. Sylvie Albert
Elected in 2015
Governance & Nomination Committee

Priti Mehta-Shah
Elected in 2020
Investment & Personnel / Governance & Nomination Committee

Beth Bell
Elected in 2020
Audit / Risk Committee

John Proven
Elected in 2022
Governance & Nomination, Audit / Risk Committee

Christopher Thiessen
Elected in 2023
Investment & Personnel Committee

Paul Asmundson
Elected in 2024
Audit / Risk Committee

Senior Leadership

Brenda Gibson
President & CEO

Geoff Branson
Senior Vice President & CFO

Lyndon Friesen
Vice President of Claims

Charlene Henderson
Vice President of Underwriting

Jennifer Ewankiw
Vice President of Strategy

Jenna Book
Vice President of Human Resources

Amanda Evenson
Vice President of Data & Analytics