Our Board & Senior Leadership

Board of Directors

Garth Reimer
Elected in 2008
Board Chair, Investment & Personnel Committee

Darrel Penner
Elected in 2009
Investment & Personnel Committee, Audit / Risk Committee

Catherine Kloepfer
Elected in 2013
Audit / Risk Committee, Governance & Nomination Committee

Monique Vielfaure-Mackenzie
Elected in 2013
Investment & Personnel Committee, Governance & Nomination Committee

Dr. Sylvie Albert
Elected in 2015
Governance & Nomination Committee

Frank Friesen
Elected in 2001
Governance & Nomination Committee, Audit / Risk Committee

Chad Friesen
Elected in 2018
Investment & Personnel Committee

Priti Mehta-Shah
Elected in 2020
Audit / Risk Committee

Beth Bell
Elected in 2020
Audit / Risk Committee

Senior Leadership

Brian Esau
President & CEO

Geoff Branson
Senior Vice President & CFO

Lyndon Friesen
Vice President of Claims

Charlene Henderson
Vice President of Underwriting

Jennifer Ewankiw
Vice President of Strategy & Business Development

Carla Douglas
Vice President of Technology

Jenna Book
Vice President of Human Resources

Amanda Evenson
Vice President of Data & Analytics